Ukraine MP Calls On Citizens To Sign Armenian Genocide Recognition Petition.

Ukraine parliament majority Servant of the People party lawmaker Artyom Dmitryuk has called on Ukrainians to sign the petition on recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

The petition was filed by Mons Pius NGO leader Suren Petrosyan and is posted on the official website of the Ukrainian presidency.

“The Armenian Genocide is recognized by a number of countries and international organizations. And I don’t understand why our country isn’t among them”, the lawmaker said on social media.

He also stressed the importance of the petition for the Armenian community of Ukraine.

“As the leader of the inter-parliamentary relations group with the Republic of Armenia, I have constant contacts with representatives of the Armenian people and I very well understand how important Ukraine’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide is. We can’t display indifference and close our eyes on such bloody chapters of history of our brotherly peoples,” he said.

H/T ArmenPress

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