Azeri Vice Speaker Calls Axe-Murderer Safarov ‘The Worthy Son Of Azerbaijan.’

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights in connection with the case of ramil safarov does not impose any international obligations on Azerbaijan, Vice Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Adil Aliyev said.

According to him, ramil safarov “is the worthy son of Azerbaijan. Any of our compatriots in his place would punish the one who insulted the Azerbaijani flag,” Trend reported.

It was with “affect” and “insult” that safarov tried to explain his actions in court. However, the Hungarian investigators did not find the slightest confirmation or evidence in favor of such allegations. Safarov’s victim was sleeping at the time of the brutal murder. Safarov himself, as has been repeatedly noted, was trained in a special unit in Turkey. And it seems that the NATO country would not have trained personnel with an unstable psyche.

Ramil Safarov, a lieutenant in the Azerbaijani military, was extradited on August 31, 2012, from Hungary, where he was serving a life sentence —and with no expression of either regret or remorse—for the premeditated axe murder of Armenian lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan, in his sleep, during a NATO Partnership for Peace program in Budapest back in 2004.

The ECHR yesterday ruled that Azerbaijan violated the Convention by releasing the extradited officer.

The ECHR held that there had been a violation by Azerbaijan of Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) taken in conjunction with Article 2 (right to life). The Court found that there had been no justification for the Azerbaijani authorities’ failure to enforce the punishment of R.S.

Moreover, the applicants had provided sufficient evidence to show that R.S.’s pardon and other measures in his favor had been ethnically motivated.

The Court held, unanimously, that Azerbaijan was to pay the applicants, jointly, 15,143.33 pounds sterling in respect of costs and expenses.

This Chamber judgment is not final. During the three months following its delivery, any party may request that the case be referred to the Grand Chamber of the Court.

H/T News.Am

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