Armenia To Spend 200 Million AMD ($419,000) On Tree Planting Program to Create Temporary Jobs.

The Armenian government, at its cabinet session today, approved another program to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.

The program aims to create temporary jobs in the agricultural sector by solving environmental problems.

Those hired will plant local willow tree cuttings along several rivers in the country as well as fencing off the planted areas.

 “Three organizations will be involved, Hayantar SNCO, ATP and the Wildlife and Cultural Heritage Preservation Foundation. The last two have extensive experience in planting trees in communities and Hayantar in its territories. We plan to pay 50 drams for the preparation and planting of each cutting. About 10,000 cuttings will be planted per hectare,” said Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan.

The government wants to establish protected riparian zones in the country’s highland valleys by planting local willow species. This project would involve the local population and thus create jobs and hopefully reverse rural population decline. The estimated cost of the project is 200 million drams ($419,000).

“We intend to make this program ongoing, depending on planting and other variables,” said Prime Minister Pashinyan.

H/T Hetq

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