400 Million AMD Raised In Support Of Anti-Coronavirus Efforts In Armenia.

Almost 400 million AMD has been transferred through donations to the special treasury account set up to support the efforts to fight the coronavirus infection in Armenia. A total of 2,210 payments have been made, the Ministry of Finance reports.

The Ministry of Finance has created the treasury account for supporting the measures aimed at preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Republic of Armenia.

The sums will be allocated to:

Healthcare needs such as: Bonuses for medical staff, medical supplies and equipment, Improvement of conditions of medical facilities

Social safety net such as:Food, means of individual protection, and other essentials for socially vulnerable and risk groups, including those with disabilities, supplies required for the activity of volunteer support groups & transportation.

To ensure public accountability and transparency, the public will be regularly informed about the amount of funds received and the areas covered.

While making a transaction, please, indicate the purpose as follows: “Support for the fight against coronavirus disease.” The preferable area may also be indicated.

Recipient: Central Treasury of the Republic of Armenia

Treasury Account Number: 900005001947

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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