Reporters Without Borders ‘Concerned’ Over Armenian Authorities’ Restrictions On Media Amid Coronavirus Emergency.

Reporters Without Borders has expressed concern over the Armenian authorities’ restrictions on the media amid the current state of emergency linked to the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Armenia declares state of emergency and compels media to quote only official sources. Controlling infos doesn’t help to fight epidemia but spread rumors and fear!” the organization said in a tweet.

The latest statistics (reported by the prime minister in a Facebook live earlier today) suggests that there are 84 confirmed cases of the disease in the country as of Wednesday afternoon.

The government passed the bill to declare emergency on Monday, March 16, establishing the period until April 14 as the effective date of the measure.

The global cases of the novel coronavirus hit nearly 200,000 on Wednesday, with the death toll reaching crossing the boundary of 8,000. A total of 81,000 people are reported to have overcome the disease.

The pandemic spread across 159 countries outside mainland China. Italy is known to be the second worst-affected country, followed by Iran and South Korea.

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