Most Popular Names In Armenia In 2019 Were Nare & David.

Nare and Davit are the most popular given names for girls and boys respectively in Armenia, according to 2019 statistics.

17,173 girls were born in Armenia in 2019, and 688 of them were named Nare. The second most popular name for baby girls is Maria (585), followed by Arpi (445) and Eva (439). The top five is concluded with Angelina (438). Mane, Mari, Anahit, Elen and Mariam are also popular as female given names, the Statistics Committee said.

In terms of male given names, 1399 baby boys were named Davit in 2019. (18,958 boys were born in the year). The second most popular name for boys is Narek (931), followed by Hayk (576), Mark (548) and Tigran (535). Alex, Michael, Artur, Gor and Aren are in the top ten.

H/T ArmenPress

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