Syrian-Armenian Solider Jean Ketendjian Killed In Idlib Fighting.

An Armenian soldier was killed in fighting between the Syrian army and terrorists, particularly in the province of Idlib, Arevelk quotes sources in Aleppo as saying.

The serviceman identified as Jean Ketendjian was killed in battles for the Saraqeb district of strategic importance. Jean Ketendjian was born in Aleppo. He was 32.

On Wednesday, Syrian government forces entered Saraqeb in northwestern Idlib province in a renewed push by President Bashar Assad to recapture the last rebel stronghold, Reuters reported, quoting a war monitor and eye witnesses.

Saraqeb, a town 15 km to the east of Idlib city, lies at the junction of two main roads that Damascus seeks to fully control. Syrian state TV said on Wednesday that the roads were now within firing range of government forces.

Earlier this week Syrian forces captured the Idlib city of Maarat al-Numan and moved north toward Saraqib in an effort to secure access to the M5 highway linking Aleppo and Damascus.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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