Revenue Sources

Zartonk Media, LLC is a privately held company led by co-founders Zaven Kouroghlian and Van Der Megerdichian. We maintain a strict firewall between our editorial department and other departments that help us earn money (here's our editorial policy) and disclose if there are any conflicts of interest.

Our revenue comes from:

Advertising: These are fully labeled ads on our newsletters, website, podcasts and mobile app paid for by companies and not-for-profits.

Performance ads: These are fully labeled ads selling products or services, usually found in our high circulation newsletters.

Zartonk Pro: Our subscription-based newsletters that offer analysis and exclusive reporting for specific industries and access to exclusive events.

Content partnerships: Third-party platforms or media companies republish Zartonk editorial content for a fee.

Programmatic advertising: These are automated, fully labeled ads selling products or services, found on our website only.

Membership revenue: Zartonk readers contribute money to support our journalism.

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