Robert Kocharyan Promises To Return To Honest Relations With Russia Without “Playing In The Dark.”

Robert Kocharyan, the Second President of Armenia, leader of the Hayastan Dashinq said he is a supporter of honest relations with Russia, without “playing in the dark,” during an interview with Russian media, reports Sputnik Armenia.

Kocharyan believes that the actions of the current Armenian leadership have generated certain elements of mistrust on the part of Moscow, but it cannot be said that the problems in bilateral relations have reached a dangerous level.

“There is an element of such a serious distrust of everything that is being done by the current government in Armenia, but I don’t think that these relations have been undermined to such an extent that they cannot be rehabilitated very quickly. Our interests in many areas converge, coincide. Here it is enough just to return to honest relations, without some kind of flirting, without playing in the dark. And these relations will be restored very quickly,” Kocharyan added.

Kocharyan said PM Pashinyan spent his entire adult life building a journalistic and political career on anti-Russian slogans. After the April events of 2018, real relations with Russia somewhat outweighed, overshadowed and camouflaged the anti-Russian component of his sentiments, but now this one way or another begins to manifest itself, maybe not so clearly, but the leitmotif is always present.

Commenting on the border crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Yerevan’s appeal to the CSTO, the ex-president noted that he himself did not expect absolutely anything from the Organization in this matter. The most that the Organization can do is a statement, a call for peace, for restraint. He believes that here the emphasis should be on bilateral relations with Russia and the provisions of a bilateral agreement with Moscow.

“The situation is such that Azerbaijan’s relations with almost all CSTO member states, excluding Russia, are much better than those of Armenia. The level of cooperation in the economy and in the military-technical sphere is also higher than that of Armenia with these countries. Why in vain to shake the air, realizing that there will be nothing,” he said.

At the same time, Kocharyan suggested that one of the reasons for such “indifference” on the part of the Organization was the Khatchaturov case. The former CSTO Secretary General, the former head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the republic in 2018 was accused by an Armenian investigation of overthrowing the constitutional order and after some time was recalled, said Kocharyan, believing that the actions against Khatchaturov were a manifestation of disrespect for the Organization.

“All the experts in Armenia said “don’t do it,’ ’don’t be stupid.’ But, nevertheless, this decision was made. The charges burst completely until March 1. As a result, we received a weighty slap in the face from the CSTO, already a response. But provoked this is all, of course, we, the Armenian side,” he said.

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