Group Of Azeris Beat Up Armenians In Russia Who Suffered Injuries, Saying ‘Get Out Of Here’ & ‘Karabakh Is Azerbaijan.’

Earlier this week, a group of Azeris beat up young Armenians in a nightclub in the Russian city of Tomsk, said the sister of the Armenian Tigranuhi Melkonyan in a conversation with

“My brothers were beaten up in bar, one of them was operated on because he had a jaw fracture, my other two brothers have serious bodily injuries, a broken cheekbone,” said Tigranuhi Melkonyan.

The sister of the beaten young people also mentioned that the Azeris approached the Armenian youth and told them without any reason that the Armenians should leave the club.

“Azeris approached the table where Armenians were sitting and broke the hookah on the table, saying, ‘Get out of here.’ “Then my brothers approach them, try to understand what is happening, what right they have to demand that the Armenians leave here and the fight starts from there, the Turk throws my brother on the ground and kicks him,” he said.

Tigranuhi Melkonyan emphasized that the Azerbaijanis drank and said, “Karabakh is Azerbaijan.”

He added that one of the Azeris had been arrested and that an investigation was underway, as one of the young men had filed a complaint with the police.

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