PM Pashinyan Says “We Failed To Solve The Issue Of POWs,” Despite A 4 Hour Meeting & The Signing Of A Joint-Statement.

Azerbaijan To Receive A Railway Link To Turkey & Nakhichevan Through Armenia In Exchange For An Armenian Link To Russia & Iran Through Azerbaijan.

PM Nikol Pashinyan said they failed to resolved the issue of prisoners of war, and that they will continue to work in this direction, reports Sputnik Armenia.

“Unfortunately, today we were unable to resolve the issue of prisoners of war. This is the most sensitive and painful issue, because it is a humanitarian issue, and we agreed that we will continue to work in this direction,” Pashinyan said.

“The conflict in Karabakh has not yet been settled, and its region status has yet to be determined, and Armenia is ready for negotiations within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs,” the prime minister added, per TASS.

Azerbaijan will have access via a railway connection with Nakhichevan and Turkey through the territory of Armenia per the January 11 trilateral agreement, said Aliyev. Armenia will also have a railway connection with both Russia and Iran through the territory of Azerbaijan, added Aliyev, per RIA Novosti.

This is the area, he said, which can give great dynamism to the development of the region, and also strengthen security. The opening of communications meets the interests of the peoples of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and their neighbors, said Aliyev.

Aliyev said that according to him, the agreement of November 10 is being implemented successfully. He said that the Artsakh conflict is in the past and one needs to think about the future – “how to live together, in the neighborhood, strive to resolve issues of unblocking transport arteries.”

New agreements on Artsakh reached on January 11 can change the economic image and appearance of the region, as well as strengthen security guarantees, said PM Nikol Pashinyan following the meeting with Vladimir Putin and Ilham Aliyev.

Azerbaijan To Get Railway link to Turkey & Nakhichevan through Armenia In exchange for an Armenian Link to Russia through Azerbaijan.

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