Armenia’s Opposition Forces Announce A Nationwide Strike On Dec. 22, Calling It The “Most Decisive Moment Of Our Struggle.”

The “’Fatherland Salvation Movement” comprised of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition forces has declared a pan-Armenian strike on December 22, representative of the Supreme Body of the Armenian Revolutionary Party-Dashnaktsutyun Ishkhan Saghatelyan said during the rally, reports Armenpress.

“On Tuesday starting from 12:00 we declare strike all over Armenia. We all gather at the Republican Square at 12:00. The entire square must be paralyzed. We declare Tuesday as the most decisive moment of our struggle,” Saghatelyan said.

Vazgen Manukyan is the candidate of the movement for the Prime Minister’s position. Vazgen Manukyan served as the first Prime Minister of Armenia from 1990 to 1991 under President Levon-Ter Petrosyan. He then served briefly as Defense Minister.

Photo by Avet Demourian/Associated Press

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