Armenian-Yezidi Wrestler Malkhas Amoyan Defeats Turkey’s Cengiz Arslan, Reaching World Cup Final in Belgrade.

Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler Malkhas Amoyan, competing in the category of 72 kg, defeated Turkish Cengiz Arslan and reached the World Cup final in Belgrade, reports Sputnik Armenia.

Amoyan won a convincing victory with a score of 7: 0, clearly using all the advantages that he received.

In the first minutes, the fight was on an equal footing, but closer to the middle of the fight, the Armenian athlete got a slight advantage, putting his opponent on the ground. After that, he managed to make a capture and tear Arslan off the floor, after which he threw him onto his back.

After that, he took the lead 5: 0 and practically predetermined the outcome of the fight. Towards the end of the meeting, Amoyan knocked down the opponent again, earning two more points.

Amoyan will hold the final fight tomorrow.

Note that Malkhas Amoyan is a Yezidi by nationality, a relative of another famous wrestler, Roman Amoyan, two-time European champion and bronze medalist of the Beijing Olympics.

Three more Armenian wrestlers, who lost in the quarterfinals, will be able to compete for the third place tomorrow, because their rivals won in their semifinals. Thus, Rudik Mkrtchyan (55 kg category) and Slavik Galstyan (67 kg), as well as Karapet Chalyan (77 kg category) will be able to compete for awards. In the quarterfinals, he lost to two-time Olympic champion Roman Vlasov, but Vlasov also reached the final a few minutes ago.

Amoyan’s final and fights for the third place of the other three fighters will be held tomorrow. Tomorrow the Olympic champion Artur Aleksanyan (category 97 kg) and several other wrestlers will start the fight:

Armen Melikyan (60 kg), European champion Gevorg Gharibyan (up to 63 kg), Ruben Gharibyan (up to 82 kg) and David Hovasapyan (130 kg).

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