Well-known journalist Alexander Lapshin sells “famous” jacket for $2,700, to donate proceeds to wounded Armenian soldiers.

Well-known journalist Alexander Lapshin has sold his “famous” red jacket, which he wore on February 7, 2017 on a private plane of Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali flying from Minsk to Baku, for $2,700.

He noted that the proceeds from the sale are going to be donated to Armenian soldiers wounded in Artsakh.

His post reads as follows: 

“Friends, I would like to say that my famous red jacket in which I flew by the personal jet of President Aliyev from Minsk to Baku on February 7, 2017, was sold for 2,700 US dollars. All this time, the jacket was kept in a vacuum bag, it has never been washed since then and keeps the smells of the chair in which the head of Azerbaijan, members of his family and other bigwigs in the government of this regime have sat more than once.

The money will go to help the wounded Armenian soldiers and literally tomorrow we will divide this amount by about 15-20 guys in the hospitals in Yerevan. This is the little I can do.

Tomorrow evening, or the day after tomorrow morning, we will edit a video where we will tell you about what we are doing these days. I think it will be released on Vadim Arutyunov’s Antitopor channel, he is here with me in Yerevan.”

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