Father Hovhannes Is Receiving Treatment For Health Problems In Yerevan, Will Return To Dadivank Soon.

Father Hovhannes, the abbot of Dadivank, was transferred to the Holy Trinity Church in Yerevan. We learn about this from the message spread by the Holy Trinity Church, informs the Holy Trinity Church on Facebook & Azatutyun reports.

“Dear believers, we would like to inform you that Father Hovhannes, the abbot of Dadivank, Hovhannisyan to His Holiness By the order of the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II, he was temporarily transferred to the Holy Trinity Church. Father has some health problems, after receiving the necessary treatment Father John will return to Dadivank.”

“Dadivank is ours, it is ours,” said Father Hovhannes in the yard of the Holy Trinity Church in Yerevan. Father Hovhannes has been here since the day he handed over Karavachar. It came under the direction of His Holiness. “When His Holiness was already aware that I had a health problem, it was already 2 months that the disease had already suppressed him physically and mentally, I came. I am already in treatment, but with the blessing of His Holiness, I was temporarily assigned to the Holy Trinity Church,” he added.

“It is temporary, I will return,” Dadivank priest claims. “I have not run away, I do not hide my place, I am with my people, I will return soon.” The prayer was not interrupted in the monastery, Fr. Hovhannes was replaced by monks and deacons from the Mother See. Today, the first liturgy was held in the monastery after handing over the region.

The Armenian clergy will continue to stay in Dadivank, there are no Azeris in the area, only Russian peacekeepers, they are in the territory of the monastery.

The bells and crosses of the monastic complex are in place, and the khachkars were in any case moved to the territory of the Mother See.

The monk of Dadivank will hold a liturgy next week in the Holy Trinity Church, where he invites the people of Dadivank, who left the village after the houses were set on fire. The community of this church is not unknown to Father Hovhannes either. Before leaving for Karvachar, 12 years ago, he had a caring service in the Holy Trinity Church. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to the day of departure to Dadivank. In two weeks, he said, “I will be there, I will hold a liturgy.” “I’m anxious, I’m spending sleepless nights. And living in Dadivank, I live in my house. ”

Photo by Armine Gorgyan

Video by Azatutyun

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