Davit Babayan, Advisor to the Artsakh President says rumors that Berdzor will be handed to Azerbaijan on Nov. 30 are false.

According to the trilateral statement, Berdzor, of course, will remain Armenian. Davit Babayan, Advisor to the Artsakh President, stated this in a conversation with News.am, referring to the rumors that Berdzor will be under the control of Azerbaijan from November 30.

“It is written in that agreement that Berdzor is Armenian. We must make sure that we do not succumb to speculations and provocations. I understand that the situation there had worsened. “The agreement is open, you can also see that Berdzor is not mentioned as part of Azerbaijan,” he said.

Babayan responded to our observation that the residents had been instructed to leave by November 30. “Ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs, if something has changed, then you should find out from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whether it is speculation or there is another problem. Yes, the contract is terrible, it is hard. No one can say that it is not terrible. This was the biggest blow in our whole history, but there is not even such a point about Berdzor. If something has changed, then we should ask the relevant bodies why such developments are taking place. ”

It should be noted that there is no official comment yet on who will control the city of Berdzor.

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