Armenia’s Ministry Of Health Reports 2,317 Total Servicemen Deaths From The War In Artsakh.

Today, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health of Armenia Alina Nikoghosyan informed that the total number of dead servicemen from the war in Artsakh stands at 2,317 in response to Mikael Minasyan’s post that said the Armenian side allegedly had 4,750 victims. She said that the information he presented is a blatant lie.

Her post reads as follows:

“In response to Facebook user Mikael Minasyan’s post that the Armenian side allegedly had 4,750 victims during the last Artsakh war, we inform that the information presented in that post is a blatant lie. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.

The Ministry of Health, as the body conducting forensic examinations of all the victims, officially announces that there are no “1,400 dead, still unburied” bodies, as mentioned in this user’s post. To date, our forensic service has examined the corpses of 2,317 dead servicemen, including unidentified ones. The process of exchanging the bodies of the dead soldiers left by the enemy has just begun, the conflicting parties can not know the final number at this time, as long as these actions are in progress.

Gathering political dividends by manipulating this delicate topic with false information is beyond all morality.

On behalf of the entire staff of the Ministry of Health, we extend our condolences to all the mothers, fathers and relatives of those who lost their sons. Sorry we had to make such a post on this topic.”

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