Names Of 44 More Armenian Soldiers Released Who Were Killed In Battles In Artsakh, Total Death Toll Reaches 1,383.

Today, the names of 44 more Armenian servicemen were released who were killed in battles in Artsakh, total death toll reaches 1,383, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

In Memoriam:

Harutyunyan Aghasi Rubiki, born in 1968

Mkrtchyan Arayik Abrahami, born in 1967

Mkrtchyan Albert Yuriki, born in 1979

Israelyan Arkady Henriki, born in 1978

Margaryan Ashot Aghasiyi, born in 1963 (Volunteer)

Tovmasyan Aramayis Konstantini, born in 1997 (Volunteer)

Stepanyan Arthur Ananiai, born in 1998

Tsaturyan Gevorg Alberti, born in 2002

Fidanyan Gnel Minasi, born in 1985

Aleksanyan Emil Armeni, born in 2000

Havatyan Hayk Khachiki, born in 1984 (Volunteer)

Loretsyan Narek Artaki, born in 2000

Martirosyan Norayr Artavazdi, born in 1958

Vantsyan Suren Artashesi, born in 1996

Melikyan Suren Eduardi, born in 1978 (Volunteer)

Muradyan Vachagan Artyomi, born in 1999 (Reservist)

Manukyan Vardges Ashoti, born in 1987 (Volunteer)

Grigoryan Nver Vazgeni, born in 1976

Yeranosyan Armen Hmayaki, born in 1972 (Volunteer)

Matevosyan Armen Gagiki, born in 1994

Sargsyan Tigran Norayri, born in 1966

Grigoryan Saro Razmiki, born in 1988

Christopher Artin Andraniki, born in 1972 (Volunteer)

Hovhannisyan Marat Roberti, born in 1961 (Volunteer)

Isunts Victor Shamkhali, born in 1949 (Volunteer)

Jumkhuryan Armen Ashoti, born in 1997 (Volunteer)

Ghazaryan Armen Sargisi, born in 1969 (Volunteer)

Ohanyan Arthur Nikolayi, born in 1973 (Volunteer)

Hayrapetyan Eduard Vaghinaki, born in 1982 (Volunteer)

Voskanyan Kostan Koryuni, born in 1966 (Volunteer)

Galstyan Khachik Sahaki, born in 1989

Baghdasaryan Tigran Hovhannesi, born in 1990

Parsadanyan Aram Rafiki, born in 1972

Mikaelyan Hayk Hranti, born in 1984 (Volunteer)

Kochinyan Mher Martini, born in 2001

Khurshudyan Sasha Zinvori, born in 2000

Danielyan Hayk Ashoti, born in 2002

Tevonyan Aram Anushavani, born in 2001

Simonyan Seyran Sosi, born in 2000

Avagyan Gnel Arayiki, born in 2001

Arakelyan Hovhannes Smbati, born in 1992

Vardanyan Torgom Arami, born in 1992

Avetisyan David Radiki, born in 1982

Ayvazyan Adam Nveri, born in 1996

Our condolences to the relatives of these Armenian heroes protecting Armenia and Artsakh from Azeri aggression.

Photo By David Ghahramanyan/Armenian Unified Infocenter

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