Artsakh’s Army Defends Shushi As Battles For The Fortress City Continue.

During the last three or four days, the enemy has concentrated its main efforts in the direction of Shushi. During that period, stubborn battles took place, the units of the Defense Army resolutely defended and still defend our identity, one of the symbols of Artsakh, the fortress city of Shushi, and are determined to fulfill their task with honor, said Suren Sarumyan, Defense Army Representative in a press conference via the Armenian Unified Infocenter.

During the day, the enemy again attacked in the direction of Shushi, the attacking groups were found and subjected to fire and suffered heavy losses.

The enemy has also taken military operations in other parts of the front. His troops occupied more favorable areas in some parts.

During the day, one tank belonging to the enemy forces, four vehicles, eight ATS were destroyed in different directions. As a result of the operations in the southwestern part, the army units managed to take one enemy tank and artillery as a strategist.

Currently, the hostilities in the direction of Shushi are still going on. There is a subtlety ․ The logic of combat operations presupposes the development of operations, a certain period during which those operations take place. The results of hostilities can be spoken of in their entirety when they are nearing completion or have already been completed.

The geography of hostilities also implies certain considerations of secrecy, so sometimes it is not expedient to even talk about territorial achievements. In any case, we have nothing to hide from our people, please follow only the official information and sources.

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