Azeris Retreat, Suffering Heavy Losses In Shushi As Artsakh Takes Back New & Better Positions, Battles Continue.

During the night of November 8, the Defense Army fought defensive battles in the South-Eastern, Southern and South-Western directions of the front line.

Intense battles against the adversary took place in the Shushi-Karin Tak area, of which the adversary suffered huge losses and retreated.

Our Forces took more favorable positions.

During that time, in different sections of the front line 1 tank, 4 vehicles and 8 UAVs were destroyed.

During the operations in the South-Western section, the military units confiscated 1 adversary tank and artillery.

Throughout the military operations, the adversary continued to launch air and missile strikes on the peaceful settlements of the Artsakh Republic.

In the morning, the adversary resumed offensive operations in all main sections of the front line.

The tactical situation is under the control of the Defense Army.

The combat in the vicinity of Shushi goes on. The Artsakh Defense Army successfully carrying out their mission, depriving the enemy of initiative.

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