Artsakh’s Forces Repel A Large Number Of Invading Troops, Destroying 4 Enemy Tanks & 31 Military Vehicles.

On the night of November 7–8, battles of varying intensity went on in all directions of the front line.

More determined  operations were carried out to the south-eastern vicinity of the city of Shushi.  The Defense Army inflicted targeted blows on the attackers, repelling multiple attempts to advance.

During the battles in different directions, a large number of invading troops as well as 4 tanks, 20 armored vehicles, 11 logistics vehicles and 2 UAVs were destroyed.

Throughout the fighting, the assailants targeted both the capital Stepanakert and Shushi with missiles. Civilian infrastructure was damaged.

At dawn, groupings of enemy equipment and personnel were observed in the south-eastern and northeastern parts of the front line.

Our army is in full control of the tactical situation, suppressing enemy fire.

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