Azerbaijanis Reportedly Set Fire To Over 30 Hectares Of Forest In The Artsvaberd Region Of Tavush.

The residents of Artsvaberd told Yerkir that the cameras of the military positions recorded what really happened․ From the top of the mountain, the Azeris burned car tires from their positions, rolled in different directions inside the Armenian border, through the forest to the Khndzorut Reservoir. 

“We are also drowning in the smoke in the village, the whole smoke has spread throughout the village.” The forest burned from the tires rolled by the Azerbaijanis and went down smoking. They do it in such a way that people gather, start putting out the fire to see that they are gathered, throw a rocket or projectile, kill. “Besides, the forests help the border guards and volunteer detachments to keep the border more efficient,” said local resident Anna Melkumyan. No one was injured at this time. The villagers do not rule out that the Azeris are trying to damage the reservoir, which supplies water to the surrounding villages. In those forests are the beehives of nearby villages. At this moment the reservoir and the hives are not harmed.

Norayr Papyan, the director of the “Artsvaberd Forestry” branch of the Forest Committee of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, told that a huge area near the border had burned down.

H/T Aravot & Yerkir Daily

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