Turkish-Made F-16 Shoots Down Armenian Fighter Jet In Armenia’s Airspace Over Vardenis.

F-16 fighter jets belonging to the Air Force of the Republic of Turkey took off from Ganja Airport of the Republic of Azerbaijan at 10:30 am today. 

Turkish-made SU-25 and Bayraktar ATS missile strikes have taken off from the direction of Azerbaijan.

During the given period, the air defense units were performing combat tasks of fire support to the air defense units of the RA Armed Forces.

During the anti-aircraft warfare, the F-16 multifunctional fighter of the Republic of Turkey wounded the SU-25 attacker of the RA Air Force in the airspace of the Republic of Armenia. The pilot, unfortunately, died heroically.

The F-16 multifunctional fighter of the Republic of Turkey, according to the objective control means, was located at a depth of 60 km, at an altitude of 8200 meters.

Per Unified Armenian Information Center

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