Pashinyan: Armenian Government ‘Ensures 100% Transparency’ In Fight Against Pandemic.

The Armenian government works under conditions of a 100% transparency in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said today, addressing the daily spike in the number of new confirmed cases.

He attributed the rising dynamics to the increased mobility of people, calling for individual responsibility to get adapted to the changing conditions.

The premier also briefed the cabinet on a recently reached arrangement to strengthen oversight mechanisms.

“We need to understand that there are red lines, and those red lines are our hospital capacities which, once exhausted, will push us to other decisions,” he warned.

It comes after the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 374 new cases on Thursday, the highest daily rise since early August.

Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan said only 30% of the hospital beds is currently vacant. “We stated earlier that we had the highest figures around July 6, with the cases dropping to a record low on September 11. The [infection] rate has been increasing ever since – due to the increased mobility and the [failure] to observe the epidemiological rules.” he said, stressing the importance of “adhering to the logic” of living with coronavirus (i.e. – wearing masks, practicing social distancing and washing hands).

The minister also pointed out to factors “difficult to manage” (particularly the direct risk of exposure to the virus in public transport). But he refrained from attributing the increase to the opening of schools since mid-September.

Addressing the statistics, the prime minister noted that the situation is “almost the same” in all other countries. “The developments demonstrate that a second – a significantly greater wave – has erupted across Europe. The Armenian government ensures a 100% transparency in handling the coronavirus as we haven’t altered any figure,” he added.

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