Armenia’s Diaspora Head Sinanyan Sees Repatriation As A Demographic Necessity.

Today, after returning from his trip to Beirut to coordinate Armenian government assistance efforts, Armenian High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan told reporters that the Pashinyan government is preparing a legislative package allowing Lebanese-Armenians who want to leave Lebanon to settle in Armenia.

“Armenia has stated that repatriation is one of its strategic plans. As we see it, our long-term future in this region will only be ensured by the repatriation of large numbers of Armenians. The preparations we’re implement are not only for the Lebanese-Armenians, but for all repatriates,” Sinanyan said at today’s press conference.

Lebanon-Armenia flights will continue and the government has allowed two flights a week. Even those without tickets will be abe to return to Armenia.

Armenia sent three planes carrying food, medicine and other humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

H/T Hetq

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