Turkish YouTuber Calls For Violence Against Armenians, Stating “They Really Deserve The Genocide.”

In a video posted on YouTube on July 31, 2020, a Turkish individual via the MehdiStudio official” YouTube account openly calls for violence against the Armenian populous in Turkey. This seems to act as a response to the border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan that occurred beginning on July 12.

Although, the YouTuber makes vague anti-Armenian statements, the directive is largely aimed at Armenian migrants who move across the Armenian-Turkish border for work.

In the video featured with the title “ERMENİLMRİN TÜRKİYİNDƏ NƏ İŞİ VAR? KIRAL BEKİNKAYA” by the ‘MehdiStudio Officall’ account on the platform with the link https://youtu.be/LyuOy-GD8a0, he states, “Why are we keeping them alive, either we kill them or deport them.” He adds, “They really deserve a genocide.”

Beyoğlu Üç Horan Church Foundation Chairman and lawyer Simon Çekem applied to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the video and demanded that the authorities take action.

H/T Agos

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