BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijani Agitators Seen With Saws & Hammers At Peaceful Armenian Protest In Los Angeles.

DEVELOPING STORY: On July 21, 2020 Armenians held a peaceful protest in front of the Azerbaijani Consulate in Los Angeles to protest against Azeri aggression in the Tavush region.

UPDATE: Zartonk Media’s sources confirm that the person who recorded the video, reported to the police that the Azeris have hammers, saws, and pipes. The source can confirm that the police confiscated the aforementioned, but gave them back to the Azeri protestors as they left the protest. The pictures that were posted in the previous post came after the protestors left the consulate.

Reports show, that a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officer of Azerbaijani descent was present at the demonstration. A Facebook (Cerca Trova) post written in Russian by him says:

“July 16, 2020

Here’s the deal… In relation with the current situation I had to come back sooner than anticipated. There will be several [Facebook] posts, but firstly let’s discuss the most important point.

Today, I wrote to the Consulate [of Azerbaijan] and requested they register me for [military] mobilization, in case things worsen on the military front [with Armenia / Artsakh]. The Consul [General] promised to help.

Now let’s talk about [my] motives.

I do not think that all the people whose last name ends in “ian” [referring to all Armenians] should be killed. I have lived in the United States for 20 years and I have met more Armenians than any one of my compatriots [i.e. Azerbaijanis] and know that they [Armenians] have a lot of decent people, as is with any nation.

I will go [to join the Azerbaijani army] for my family, for my brother who will be called for duty, for the guys with whom I grew up [in Azerbaijan], for more than one million refugees, who were barefoot and lived in pioneer camps [referring to Soviet Young Pioneers organization] with 20 people per one room.”

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