Burbank Police Increases Its Police Patrol Around Armenian Centers After Recent Attacks.

Burbank, CA – The Armenian National Committee of America – Burbank Chapter (ANCA-Burbank) expresses its thanks to Burbank Police Department and Chief Scott LaChasse for increasing police patrol around Armenian Centers in Burbank like the ACF Beshir Mardirossian Burbank Youth Canter and St. Leon Armenian Cathedral to protect and discourage any acts of vandalism and intimidation against the Armenian community.

On July 24th, the Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan bilingual Armenian School in San Francisco was the target of racially motivated vandalism overnight. In addition, various Armenian institutions in the greater Los Angeles area have also received threatening emails from pro Azerbaijani individuals.

The vandalism occurred amidst a global series of hate crimes against Armenians, including the mob attacks against Armenians by Azerbaijanis in Russia, an arson attack on an Armenian embassy vehicle in Germany, and the burning down of an Armenian business in Ukraine. The attack also comes days after a protest against Azerbaijan’s aggression in Los Angeles saw Azerbaijani counter-protesters instigate violence against Armenian protesters; physically assaulting peaceful Armenian protesters, and using hate symbols including that of the salute of the Grey Wolves – a Turkish hate-group ( similar to the KKK) that openly espouses the eradication of the Armenian people and incites violence against Armenians internationally, with their salute the equivalent of the Nazi salute for the Armenian community.

H/T ANCA Burbank Facebook

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