BREAKING NEWS: Group Of Azeris Attack Armenians in Boston While Protesting Azeri Aggression, 1 Armenian In Hospital.

On July 25, Armenians in Boston held a protest at Harvard Square against Azeri Aggression in Boston, Massachusetts, an anonymous source in Boston informs Zartonk Media.

The Armenians came to dance and celebrate Armenian life & culture in the form of a flash mob. However they were met with Azeri provocateurs who saluted the sign of the Grey Wolves, while interrupting the flash mob.

When the protest and the dancing concluded about 5-6 Armenians were attacked by 15-20 Azeris carrying brass knuckles.

The Azeris arrived to the scene just when the protest had ended. Police still on the scene told them to leave so there wouldn’t be any trouble. Then a group of Azeris saw the Armenians walking to their car and rushed the Armenians assaulting one of them in the face with brass knuckles. A brawl ensued, as Armenians engaged in self-defense. One of the Armenians is currently in the hospital receiving stitches.

Zartonk Media’s source in Boston said that the Azeris from today’s brawl are the same ones who provoked the Armenians during a die-in protest in Boston on Wednesday.

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