Huge Lines Form In Moscow Markets To Buy Armenian Apricots After Azeri Billionaires Ban Sale.

The trucks loaded with agricultural products from Armenia have been offered alternative locations in Moscow to sell their goods. The owner of Tashir Group Samvel Karapetyan earlier offered “Bukhta” wholesale food center where farmers from Armenia could sell the product free of charge, per Panorama.

As reported earlier, Azerbaijani owners of Food City market in Moscow, which is the only place where fruit can be sold from trucks, removed the vehicles filled with Armenian apricot from the market in reaction to the escalation on the border.

Armenian farmer from Armavir Province Lernik Avagyan earlier told that as a result of the decision by the Azeri owner of the market, dozens of trucks were banned to enter the market. The farmers also voiced concern that the fruit and vegetable could spoil if no urgent measures are taken to solve the matter. “We were clearly informed that no trucks with Armenian plate numbers shall enter the market,” Avagyan said.

The news about the obstacles to the sale of Armenian product in Moscow resonated among Armenian community within hours. Number of wealthy locals offered alternative locations for the sale of the goods, while Moscow-based Armenians hurried to the scene to buy apricot.

Scenes of huge lines formed in one of Moscow markets to buy apricot are actively shared among social media users.

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