New Azerbaijani FM Bears Political Responsibility For Armenophobia.

Human Rights Defender of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan presented some details of the activities of the newly appointed foreign minister of Azerbaijan Ceyhun Bayramov, which prove his hatred against Armenians and encouragement of Armenophobia by him, per Armenpress.

‘’When Ceyhun Bayramov was deputy minister of education of Azerbaijan in 2013 and later minister, Armenophobia was more rigid in the Azerbaijani society and had an important place in the educational sphere. There is a famous footage released in March 2018 on one of the Facebook pages of their kindergartens, which former Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan had attached to the fact finding materials. The footage clearly shows how teachers teach the children at the kindergarten that Armenians are their enemies and that they have allegedly killed their compatriots, have stolen their golds and so on’’, Artak Beglaryan told ARMENPRESS, adding that there are a number of other proofs. He noted that the extraordinary report of the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh provides detailed presentation of Armenophobic demonstrations in the educational system of Azerbaijan.

According to Artsakh’s Ombudsman, Ceyhun Bayramov, as one of the key actors in the sphere, bears at least political responsibility for the dissemination of Armenophobia.

‘’We attach particular importance to the educational system, since the hate propaganda is carried out among children’’, Beglaryan said.

Beglaryan noted that the next factor that is important at least from a symbolic point of view is that Ceyhun Bayramov had his first official meeting with the Ambassador of Hungary.

‘’But we all know that Hungary is the country that extradited Ramil Safarov, who axed-dead the Armenian officer, to Azerbaijan by a very suspicious corrupt deal. This can mean that it’s done for promoting Armenophobia’’, Beglaryan added.

According to Artsakh’s Ombudsman, examining the speech of Ilham Aliyyev where he condemns the Azerbaijani foreign ministry for moderate actions that allegedly they do not present the ‘’crimes’’ of Armenians against Azerbaijan properly, it can be supposed that Bayramov already has received a political task from Aliyev to be included in Armeniophobic propaganda more rigidly.

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