Diaspora Armenians Raise $206,000 In ‘Aid4Lebanon’ Telethon-Fundraiser For Armenians In Lebanon.

On July 9, the Canadian Committee for the Relief of Armenians in Lebanon raised $206,000 in their ‘Aid4Lebanon’ telethon-fundraiser, per Horizon Weekly.

The Armenian community of Canada has always conveyed its wholehearted and generous support to wherever the call for help has originated, from Armenia to any corner of the Armenian diaspora. The Armenian community in Lebanon is facing a major crisis due to the  general financial distress of the country and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Two months ago, The A.R.F. Central Committee of Canada launched a special appeal to the community and declared about the creation of the Canadian Committee for the relief of Armenians in Lebanon.

On May 28, 2020 the newly formed committee launched a fundraising drive for the relief of the Armenians in Lebanon, through which the Armenian community in Canada once more expressed its willingness to extend a helping hand to wherever the call for help originates.

On July 9, the Canadian Committee for the relief of Armenians in Lebanon initiated the Aid4Lebanon online Telethon. Diaspora and homeland artists participated in Aid4Lebanon telethon-fundraiser. $206,000 was raised. The fundraiser continues. https://camam.akaraisin.com/Aid4Lebanon.

The event saw performances from the following artists: Gaby Galoyan, Nune Yesayan, Sirusho, Arabo Ispiryan, Nersik Ispiryan, Harout Pamboukjian, Maxim Panossian. Elie Berberian, Levon Ichkhanian, Razmik Amyan, Vahe Berberian and Pierre Chammassian.

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