Turkish Embassy Slams White House’s Armenian Genocide Remark.

The Turkish Embassy in Washington has dismissed the White House Spokesperson’s recent reference to the Armenian Genocide, per ArmRadio.

John Haltiwanger, senior politics reporter for Business Insider, reported on Tuesday that the Turkish Embassy in Washington believes the statement made by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was “an unfortunate slip of the tongue” and that “these expressions cannot be accepted.”

Haltiwanger tweeted that he was also told by Turkish Embassy officials that the “allegations of the events of 1915…do not rest on any legal or historical facts, describing the statement as false.

“There are eyewitness accounts from survivors + US diplomats who were in the region. Dozens of countries + 49 states recognize the Armenian genocide,” the journalist added.

The Turkish Embassy’s reaction comes after McEnany used the g-word during a press briefing, as she referred to the vandalism of the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Denver.

McEnany said “there seems to be lack of understanding and historical knowledge, when the Armenian Genocide Memorial remembering victims of all crimes against humanity, including slavery, is being vandalized.”

John Haltiwanger says he has since been trying to reach out to the White House for comment, but is yet to receive a response.

The Armenian Genocide Memorial in Denver was part of mass vandalism at Colorado State Capitol in late May.

The Colorado State Capitol in Denver was vandalized during protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. The Armenian Genocide Khatchkar memorial, which is at the State Capitol was also not spared.

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