Pashinyan: We Will Extend The State Of Emergency At Least One More Time.

The government understands that it can’t constantly extend the state of emergency, but it is most likely that the state of emergency will be extended again. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated during a briefing held after the session of the Commandant’s Office today, per

“We’ll try to improve the legislation on states of emergency in such a way that the government has the tools to lead a certain anti-epidemic policy when the state of emergency is lifted. Yes, the government is also considering the fact that it can’t constantly extend the state of emergency since this is a problem, but we must also take into consideration the anti-epidemic situation. We will extend the state of emergency at least one more time,” Pashinyan said, noting that even though the situation is relatively stable now, nobody can say what will happen tomorrow.

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