Pashinyan: ‘I Was Infected With COVID-19 For At Least Seven Days & Didn’t Know.”

Spitak Medical Center will open its doors with 100 beds that are all equipped with oxygen delivery devices, and Martuni Medical Center and Medline Medical Center will soon join other medical centers with 50 beds and nearly 60 beds, respectively. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during a briefing held after the session of the Commandant’s Office today, adding that all specialists in Armenia are fully engaged in the fight against the coronavirus, per News.Am.

“There is nothing new about the methods for the fight against the coronavirus today since everyone has access to information. Armenia has a problem with observance of the rules because all the specialists recommend that we wear masks and maintain social distancing, but we witness small crises every day,” he said.

Touching upon the changing policy on wearing face masks, Pashinyan stated that the World Health Organization has expressed its views on that, not Armenia. “The hypothesis is that we all have to treat each other as infected persons. We wear face masks to ensure the safety of the person in front of us, not our own safety. I know this based on my example since I was infected with the coronavirus for at least seven days and didn’t know about it,” Pashinyan said.

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