Pashinyan Calls On Police to Crack Down Hard on Those Not Wearing Masks.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan, at a special parliamentary session today, said the country’s police officers must be “resolute and firm” when enforcing coronavirus safety regulations.

“The police must not be afraid of performing their duties. They must stay within the parameters of the law but must display backbone and resolve. The perception is that police officers must walk hidden behind walls. No. Those violating the law must do the hiding,” said Pashinyan.

The prime minster said that the continuous criticism levied against cops performing their duty is misplaced and dangerous.

“This anything goes attitude is our country’s number one enemy. Those preaching such an approach must climb down their holes. The police must be strong, law abiding and tough. There can be no arguing with officers about wearing masks. Protesting violators must be detained and force used when necessary,” Pashinyan said.

H/T Hetq

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