Pashinyan: Nearly 200 COVID-19 Patients Are Waiting For Hospitalization.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said nearly 200 COVID-19 patients are waiting for hospitalization, per the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

“I feel a commitment to tell the whole truth, no matter how cruel it may be,” he told a briefing on Saturday.

“The hospitals are so overwhelmed that today, that we don’t have room to care for those who need hospitalization,” said Pashinyan.

“I will also say that we already have a case where, due to a delay in medical care, a person has died of the coronavirus. The delay was twofold: the family provided information about the patient’s condition too late, and the health system failed to respond properly,” said Pashinyan.

“I would also like to record that we have two deaths when the patients were supposed to be in the intensive care unit but was in the general department due to lack of places,” he concluded.

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