Pashinyan Reacts To Video Showing Police Arresting Man For Not Wearing A Mask.

Yesterday, a video went viral in Armenia showing multiple police officers arresting a man for refusing to wear a mask, breaking the COVID-19 safety rules.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reacted to the video: “The police and law enforcement agencies can and should use force against people who do not follow the rules in accordance with the law. This is my demand for the police, society’s demand for the police.”

Mane Gevorgyan, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, also wrote on her Facebook page: “The rate at which COVID-19 is spreading in Armenia continues to be alarming. The police in Armenia are required to monitor order. To avoid such situations, we urge everyone to comply with anti-pandemic rules and police demands.”

Chief of Police of Armenia, Arman Sargsyan also commented on the video. “Law-enforcement authorities will examine the video, but I believe the police officers’ actions were lawful. The police chief said that the police officers had warned the man multiple times to wear his face mask, but he refused to obey the rules. Sargsyan added that anyone who refuses to obey police officers’ lawful demands and try to entangle police officers in ‘clarifications’ through sabotage will be punished. The police chief also stressed that police officers will be held liable, if they use violence against people for no reason.

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