PM Starts Online Campaign, Bashes People Breaking COVID-19 Rules.

In the past several days, Pashinyan has been sharing pictures of social media users, which showed people violating the public order and breaking safety rules imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister said live on Facebook that he has spent hours looking throuh photo and video materials sent by his followers, depicting people forming disorderly queues and crowding small spaces in various cities across the country.

He described the situations as “a catastrophe”, adding that he has had “a serious conversation” with the Police chief and the Director of the National Security Service over “the misrepresentation of the scale of the quarantine situation in the country.”

The Prime Minister said, however, that “no police in the world would be able to tackle a problem of this magnitude,” urging Armenians once again to follow all safety rules.

According to him, he is not going to use force against the public: “I have become the Prime Minister though revolution and communication, so deploying special operations forces is not an option. We have made changes by talking to each other, agreeing on things.”

He said the healthcare system has done and is doing everything to cure those diagnosed with coronavirus.

H/T PanArmenian

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