BREAKING NEWS: Armenia Reports Record Increase In Daily COVID-19 Cases, Crisis Worsens.

Today, the Republic of Armenia confirmed 460 new coronavirus cases and 7 new deaths, on Friday, May 29, taking the total number of cases to 8,676, per Armenia’s Ministry of Health.
Out of the 8,676 total cases, 3,297 people recovered (10 Today) and 120 patients with underlying health conditions died. The remaining 5,214 are active cases, per Alina Nikoghosyan, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. To date, 56,042 negative coronavirus tests have been conducted in Armenia, added Nikoghosyan.

The 114th-120th fatalities were a 72 (male), 42 (female), 59 (male), 66 (male), 65 (female), 64 (male), and 56 (female) aged patients. Apart from the last one, all had pre-existing chronic diseases.

Today, Armenia ranked 31st in the world in the amount of new coronavirus cases, and 35th in the world in the amount of new deaths, per Worldometers.

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