BREAKING NEWS: Three Armenians Elected As Deputy Mayors of Alfortville, France.

On May 24, three Armenians were elected Deputy Mayors of Alfortville, France. Garo Khachikian, 3rd deputy mayor, Déborah Zabounian, 12th deputy mayor and Saro Mardiryan, 15th deputy mayor.

“A lot of emotion and pride this morning for me during the installation of the city council. Elected as 3rd deputy mayor of Alfortville, my friend Luc Carvounas, to carry out a very ambitious program. First of all, I have a huge thought for my father, Azad Khachikian, who must be very proud and who was also before me deputy mayor. Another for my mother, Marie-Rose Khachikian, a remarkable woman,” said Khachikian on Facebook.

To my wife, Angélique Fischer, thanks to whom everything is possible. I also think of my paternal grandparents Krikor and Anouche Khachikian (Kharpert) and my maternal grandparents Garabed and Annick Sofian (Norkert and Bilecik). Thank you to my great and wonderful political family, the FRA Dachnaktsoutioun, the Blue Cross of the Armenians of France and the FRA Nor Seround,” added Khachikian.

“I am happy, proud and honored to have been elected deputy mayor of Alfortville this morning on the beautiful team of our new mayor Luc Carvounas whom I thank for his openness and his confidence. A big thank you and congratulations to Michel Gerchinovitz, our outgoing mayor, to whom I wish a well deserved retirement,” stated Mardiryan, via Massis Post.

“41 years ago, Alfortville welcomed my family and allowed me to become who I am today. It is my turn to return everything that Alfortville has brought me, with commitment, self-sacrifice and humility to the service of the Alfortvillaises and the Alfortvillais,” continued Mardiryan. “I thank my parents who left Turkey to offer me a worthy future in a country that would respect our Armenian identity and my fellow members of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party for all the support they have given me. Lastly, I thank my wife, Flora Hakobyan, who has been supportive of my endeavors and has endured my many absences from home while I volunteer for our community and the Armenian cause. Hoping she will continue to be as patient in the next 6 years.”

“Finally, I’d like to express my pride in wearing the tricolor scarf of France, like many Armenian people, we have adopted the French values, history and culture which co-exists with our Armenian identity. As was the case with our beloved Charles Aznavour; 100 % French, 100 % Armenian,” added Mardiryan.

The town of Alfortville is home to a large Armenian community.

In 2018, the town of Berdzor of Artsakh and Alfortville re-signed a Declaration of Friendship.

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