BREAKING NEWS: Protesters Hit Streets Of Armenia’s Kajaran After Alleged Police Brutality.

Today at 9:40 a.m., three residents of Armenia’s Kajaran town (Nver Khachatryan, Khoren Mirzoyan and Levon Hambardzumyan) were taken to the regional investigation department of Syunik Province and were allegedly beaten by police. Hundreds of citizens have gathered in front of the police demanding their release. Their relatives say the detainees were beaten. However, the head of the department refuted the news, saying that the arrest was lawful. Citizens of Kajaran have been standing in front of the police station in Kapan for more than eight hours with the demand for the release of the apprehended citizens.

Relatives of the apprehended said that the detainees were beaten at the police station, but the police refute news about use of violence. There are three detainees, and another person by the name of Nver Khachatryan was apprehended by mistake and released. Photos showing Nver’s bruises were provided by his family. The protesters demand that the arrestees aren’t transported to Yerevan and that the investigation is conducted in Syunik Province since they fear that the arrestees will be beaten more brutally in Yerevan. They threaten to close down roads.

Mayor of Kajaran, Manvel Paramazyan, entered the police building, exited and declared that he had seen that the young men were in fact, beaten & bruised. He then called on all citizens to stand in front of the building until their demands are met. He declared that this is political repression against him, adding that a few days ago police officers conducted searches in his apartment and his relatives’ apartments, after which residents of Kajaran were detained for no reason and through the use of violence.

The Police of Armenia have launched an official investigation into the violence against the citizens at the police station in the Armenian town of Kapan, per Ashot Aharonyan, Head of the Department of Public Relations and Media of the Police of Armenia.

Armenian MP Anna Kostanyan, Deputy of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly posted the following on her Facebook page: “If force is used against the peaceful citizens of Kapan, this will weigh on your conscience, dear authorities. If the news about two young people being tortured is true and the perpetrators aren’t brought to justice, this will mean the restart of violent acts in Armenia.”

Armenian MP Ani Samsonyan, Deputy of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly posted the following on her Facebook page: “There is information according to which police troops are being transported to Kapan. I hope we don’t witness operations to apprehend peaceful demonstrators in Syunik Province, especially since the previous operation wasn’t too lawful.”

We demand justice and want to know why the detainees are being transported to Yerevan. This is what resident of Kajaran town Hovhannes Harutyunyan said live on Facebook, stating that he suspects that the actions are guided. “The detainees are normal and civilized guys, and they all have jobs. All these people wouldn’t have gathered here to support, say, a drug addict. I heard about what was going on and came here as an active citizen,” he added. When asked what he and the other residents are planning to do, Harutyunyan said they will discuss the matter and hope they don’t go to the extreme. “We will demand a fair investigation and trial. Nobody is guiding us since we have our own views,” he said.

President of the Union of Communities of Armenia Emin Yeritsyan has issued the following statement said that “The events unfolding in Kajaran and Kapan are very troubling.

The Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia has responded to the incident that took place in Kapan with the following statement: “This morning, two lawyers called the hotline of the Office of the Human Rights Defender and stated that their three clients had been taken to a police station and that they had visited their clients, but police hadn’t let them enter the police station to see their clients. A while after the phone calls, the lawyers informed that two of the people from whom attachment had been lifted were already at the investigation body.

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