Artsakh Pres. Asks Citizens To Glorify Fallen Heroes Instead Of Gov’t Officials.

President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Arayik Haroutyunyan posted the following on his Facebook page:
“Dear compatriots, Today I would like to touch upon the phenomenon of having the photo of the president of the republic in the offices of top state officials which has become mandatory. If this is viewed as a manifestation of respect of the given official or citizen towards statehood, I urge and wish that officials and citizens place the photos of deceased relatives or heroes in the most visible corner of offices instead of the photo of the country’s president.

This is, if you will, the first decision that I have taken as President of Artsakh. Our deceased relatives and heroes sacrificed their lives so that we can implement what they would have liked for us to do.

The honor of the deceased sons of our nation is our remorse for the difficult past, the present and the bright future, and each of must help build that future.

P.S.: We will definitely finish planting plane trees dedicated to the memory of each and every victim of the war for the liberation of Artsakh in the years to come, and military-patriotic discipline will have a special place in our lives and activities.”

H/T News.Am

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