Turkey Lashes Out At Czech Senate For Condemning The Armenian Genocide.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has called the Czech Senate resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide “null and void.”

“A resolution of the Senate of the Czech Republic adopted on May 20 concerning the events of 1915 indicates that the “twisted mentality built on the one-sided baseless discourses which damaged the relations of the two countries in 2017 is still effective in the Czech Republic,” said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

“Attempts to define a historical issue in line with politics and the interest of certain circles cannot be accepted,” the ministry said.

“This resolution, which we deem null and void, is nothing but futile attempts of those who are trying to rewrite history in the pursuit of their daily political interests,” said the statement.

On May 20 the Czech Senate unanimously adopted a resolution, condemning the Nazi crimes against humanity committed during World War II and the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry welcomed the adoption of the resolution, noting that the unanimous decision of the Czech Senate is a “major contribution to the restoration of historical justice and respect for the memory of the victims.”

“It is also a key message in preventing genocides and new crimes against humanity,” the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said.

In April 2017 the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament had approved a resolution, condemning the genocide of Armenians and other religious and national minorities in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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