Armenia PM: Citizens Have Mindset Of Mafia Even After The Revolution.

The lack of confidence in the government also derives from the stereotype about the government. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during a live broadcast on Facebook today.

He recalled the days when he was a member of the political opposition and the speeches he would give and stated the following: “People think the only reason I would get up and oppose the government was because I had a deal with the authorities. Now many people think about what they would do if they had power, or they think we have come to power to racketeer, smuggle, kill and do business. I say that the mindset of mafia is so immersed in our country that it doesn’t matter that we made a revolution in the country. People are asking themselves what the government is doing and imagining that they would destroy everything and start over. I’m sorry, I don’t think like that, and don’t try to link me to you with that mentality.”

H/T News.Am

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