BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijan Kicks Off Large-Scale Unannounced Offensive Military Exercises.

Azerbaijan has launched large-scale unannounced offensive military exercises on Monday.

According to the country’s media, up to 10,000 servicemen, about 120 tanks and armored vehicles, up to 200 missile launchers, missile and grenade launchers, up to 30 units of army and frontal aircrafts, as well as various military drones will take part in these military exercises, which will continue until Friday.

Azerbaijan has launched Operational-Tactical Missile Systems during its unannounced large-scale military exercises.

According to the plan for the large-scale military exercises, the OTMSs are moved from the places where they are permanently deployed towards the designated areas, report Azerbaijani mass media outlets.

The offensive military exercises weren’t announced by the Azerbaijani authorities, and this is a violation of international commitments.

H/T News.Am

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