PM Pashinyan Blasts Politicians for Parliament Brawl, Calls It Biggest Defeat Since Velvet Revolution.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says he finds the brawl in parliament to be a result of provocation by opposition Bright Armenia (LHK) party, but at the same time he condemned his political force, the My Step faction, for giving in to the provocation.

Yes, an extraordinary situation has been established in the Republic of Armenia, when the halls of power are becoming a victim of violence every day by the (…) criminal gang and their parliamentary servants; this is the truth. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this in his speech in the National Assembly (NA) Friday, referring to the fight that took place among MPs at the NA sessions’ hall in the morning.

“According to the Criminal Code, bribery is considered a crime, but provocation of bribes is as much a crime as its consequences,” Pashinyan added, in particular. “Yes, I condemn ourselves, I condemn myself, and I consider what happened today to be our and my biggest defeat we have had since the revolution.”

He expressed confidence that all this is connected with the law on confiscation of illegal property and various criminal cases.

“Because when they return that stolen money, where will the recipients of the underling share get their underling share from?” the Armenian PM noted. “You have no chance to take from the people of Armenia the power that belongs to the people.”

“Violence has no place in our scene,” Pashinyan stressed. “And this incident shall never happen again.”

H/T News.Am

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