Health Minister Presents Worst-Case Scenario Of COVID-19 in Armenia.

Armenia’s Health Minister Arsen Torosyan has presented the worst scenario of Covid-19 spread, which needs to be avoided.

The calculations come in the wake of Torosyan’s warning about a possible explosive outbreak, if we fail to follow the rules.

“Yesterday I talked about a scenario of the spread of coronavirus disease, which fortunately has not happened yet. And we must do everything we can to ensure that this never happens,” Torosyan said in a Facebook post.

Speaking to MPs on Monday, the Minister said: “If we follow safety and hygiene rules, we will manage to make progress. If we don’t, we will have explosive outbreaks which will result, for example, in 500,000 infected citizens and thousands of deaths. This scenario is not implausible.”

The scenario presented today forecasts a total of 524,032 cases, of which 26,202 critical. At peak occupancy 12,445 beds, including 336 ICU beds, will be needed. Meanwhile, Armenia has 12,000 beds overall, with only 1,550 singled out for coronavirus patients.

H/T Public Radio of Armenia

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