Armenian Government To Pay Tuition Fees Of Students With High GPA’s.

Graduating students involved in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students of the state universities with a GPA of 90 and higher, will be paid in full under a new social support measure approved by the government.

Graduating students who do not owe tuition may refuse from support or receive the money if it has been paid by an individual. If the graduating student has paid the fee through a student loan, the money will be directed to the loan service, the government says.

Students not graduating this year, who have a GPA 90 and higher, will get 75% of the semi-annual tuition fee paid.

The procedure for providing student loans will be simplified. Interest rates on new loans for students with a GPA above 80 will be zero by 2020, including for state-accredited university students.

Loan interest rates for students with a GPA of 80 or lower will be subsidized by 5%, i.e. loans will be available at 4%.

Students will pay the principal amount of the loan after graduating from the university.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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