China Sends Charter Flight Full Of Medical Supplies To Armenia.

“May Our Friendship Higher than Mountain Ararat and Longer than Yangtze River” — this is the phrase on the boxes of assistance that China is sending to Armenia.

Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, Commandant Tigran Avinyan had written the following on his Facebook page: “In a couple of hours, a batch of medical supplies and equipment, obtained at the expense of state funds of Armenia and donated by Chinese state bodies and Chinese and Armenian benefactors, will arrive in Yerevan via a special flight from China to Armenia organized by the Commandant’s Office.” One of the photos posted on Avinyan’s Facebook page shows the boxes on which one can read the wish for friendship in English.

Avinyan also said what is in the boxes and added another comment:
“120 ventilators, 2 oxygen supply stations, 60,000 tests, 60,000 face masks, 280,000 protective masks, 20,000 protective gloves, 100,000 protective outfits, as well as medicinal substances.

Two citizens of Armenia, who have been residing at the Embassy of Armenia in China for days, will also be arriving in Armenia via the special flight and will be under quarantine for 14 days. We express gratitude to the Government of China for helping carry out the flight and to the government agencies engaged in the process. We give special thanks to the pilots of the plane and the Embassy of Armenia in China.”

H/T News.Am

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